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It is about the comically dysfunctional relationship between a widowed Jewish Mob boss and his son.

Alexandra Amor - Radio

It is an action packed
musical video.
Just Enjoy.

Cinnamon Chasers

Every second entertaining
just watch and enjoy .

L'ange Noir

A mystical dance,
performed so well.

En agosto

The end of your life
is the end of
your world but there
might be some light.
It's a really well made story!

dualSlider demo

Best practice is to click on all videos, the play and pause buttons one after another which you find when you take the mouse over them .Then leave the videos for some time for buffering.Once buffering is finished you can play and enjoy never before.To avoid overlapping of sound of one video with another please keep all the videos which you are not watching in paused mode.To move from one theatre to another use the previous and next button or directly click the desired theatre number.(see the right panel).To automate the movement from one theatre to another use the play button on top right corner.But this is not advisable.